Benefits of Joining CBC

CBC, based in North Carolina, is looking to grow aggressively by serving more clients and welcoming more high quality providers with impeccable reputations for service and standards of care.

The Company's goal is to become the preferred partner to MCOs and other payers, providing a supportive infrastructure to allowing providers to focus on enhancing levels of care.

Access to state of the art electronic health records

Company: Therap


CBC is proud to be partnering with Therap Services, a nationally-recognized Electronic Health Record (EHR) provider serving over 4,000 providers in all 50 states through its HIPAA secure, HIE-Compliant, Nationally certified EHR product. We believe that full implementation of this EHR will not only save time and improve efficiency, but will improve the quality of care to the individuals and families we all serve.

Access to state of the art training and development for staff

Company: Relias


CBC and its family of providers work with Relias, the nation's premier computer-based learning platform for providers serving individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Through this partnership, direct service providers, front line supervisors, administrative staff and leadership have access to anytime, comprehensive training from a diverse array of content experts including AAIDD, NADD, CQL, and others.

Partnering with a leader in Disability Housing

Company: Scioto


CBC and its family of providers work with Scioto. Scioto Properties is a national real estate investment company committed to providing long-term residential solutions in the healthcare industry. We help people with disabilities by providing housing solutions that are customized to the needs of an individual in community-based settings. Since 1999, Scioto has worked with provider organizations of all sizes manage their real estate needs.

Additional Benefits of Joining CBC

Access to centralized CBC support center to allow providers to focus on serving their clients
We bring the highest level of expertise to our work. Our leaders are recognized in the industry as experts.
We are extremely passionate about the services we provide and the clients that we support.
We are committed to developing new relationships, and enhancing current relationships with our payers, clients, employees and the communities we serve.
We promote collaborative partnership's between the portfolio of companies we operate to best serve the community, our clients, and the MCOs.
CBC is always open to discussions regarding providers who meet its high standards.


Supporting Provider Transition to Medicaid Managed Care

Recent Mergers and Acquisitions

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Tim Tebow's Nite to Shine local event

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