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June 7, 2017
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September 6, 2017

Storybook Farm, Inc. Merges with HomeCare Management Corp.

Storybook Farm, Inc. Merges with HomeCare Management Corp.


Recent Addition of Storybook Farm

HomeCare Management Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Community Based Care, LLC (“CBC” www.cbcarellc.com)  is pleased to announce the recent addition of Storybook Farm, Inc., based in Henderson and Buncombe Counties, to our family of service agencies supporting people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (“I/DD”) in North Carolina. Storybook Farm  has been in operation since 2006 serving persons with I/DD in shared living and community based settings. On July 1st, 2017, Storybook Farm joined with HomeCare Management Corporation (“HCM”) to ensure its legacy of high quality care to the individuals and families it serves in the Asheville, NC area.

Margaret Mason, CEO of HCM, said of the merger, “We are very pleased to welcome Price Story and the service providers of Storybook Farm to HCM and are looking forward to continuing the great work she has been doing for so many years.”

About Storybook Farm

Storybook Farm has a strong reputation for providing high quality services, built largely on the long career of its CEO and founder, Price Story. CBC’s Gene Rodgers, Executive VP for CBC, said of her, “Price Story has been a dedicated advocate and provider in the field for over 25 years, and CBC and HCM are lucky to have been selected by her to continue Storybook Farm’s legacy of excellent care in the Asheville area.”

Speaking on her decision to join with HCM, Price Story said, “After a very long and varied career in providing services for IDD clients in Buncombe and Henderson Counties, I was ready to think about retirement.  It was extremely important to me that my clients have a company that could provide the excellent, family centered services that Storybook Farm, Inc. was able to provide and that the staff who chose this as their career found a home to support them in their work life.  HomeCare Management fit the bill for both my staff and clients.  I am looking forward to working with them through this transition to ensure all aspects of our services are continued at a superior level as staff and clients have grown to expect.”

Storyboook Farm Transition

The transition to HCM for the staff of Storybook Farm and the people they serve has been facilitated by close work with Vaya Health, the LME MCO responsible for oversight and monitoring of publicly-funded services to persons with I/DD in the region. “This has been one of the smoothest transitions we have ever seen due in large part to Price Story’s strong partnerships in the community, including with Vaya Health,” said Gene Rodgers, CBC. “The fact that Storybook Farm also uses Therap as their Electronic Health Record has certainly helped to make this a seamless change, but we could not have done this without any disruption to people receiving services without Vaya’s coordination to protect clinical services and employment.”

“Vaya Health has served western N.C. residents with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities since 1972,” said Vaya Brian Ingraham. “We work closely with our network providers to ensure high-quality care, accountability and person-centered planning. We look forward to working together with HCM to best meet the service and support needs of our members and their families.”